Beyond The Walls

Beyond the Walls

A Community Prayer Group Ministry to help us grow closer to God, to one another, and reach out to our friends and family with the good news of Jesus Christ.


How does it work?

  • Each group meets either bi-weekly or monthly in a home for devotions, prayer, and fellowship as we seek to build an authentic biblical community.
  • Meetings are informal and relaxed (and good food is always involved).
  • Groups are small, so that each person can build deeper relationships.
  • Groups are encouraged to look for unique ways to serve our community and our church together beyond the once a week meeting.
  • We will have lots of fun along the way too!

Who can come?

  • Groups are open to everyone.  Contact a group leader or email to get plugged into a group.
  • Bring the whole family with you!
  • We have sign-ups each summer and start a new term in September each year. Our term typically runs September through April each year.


What's the purpose for this ministry?

  • We want each member to grow deeper in their loving relationship with God (Salvation and Discipleship).
  • We want each member to grow deeper in their loving relationships with each other as we support one another along life's journey (Biblical Community).
  • We want our groups and our church to be united around one purpose, sharing and living the good news of Jesus Christ (Unity).
  • We want our groups to reach out into our community in unique ways (Evangelism).
  • We want to develop future leaders for our church and our community.
  • We want our groups to be marked by worship and praise of our great God.
  • We want all of these purposes to be bathed in prayer. Prayer is essential to the success and growth of this ministry.