Antioch Baptist Academy Preschool

"Train up a child in the way he should go..."

Phone us at (276)-591-1803                                                                                    

190 Salem Drive Bristol, VA 24201

We use a Christian-based curriculum.

Things we learn in Preschool:

  • Learn and enjoy Bible stories, songs, and Bible verses
  • Practical training in manners, health, and safety habits
  • Enjoy poetry, art, music, and science
  • Follow directions given by the teacher

In 2's and 3's we learn:

  • Learn to count and to color
  • Learn the alphabet and basic phonics concepts
  • Enjoy and learn nursery rhymes

In 4's we learn:

  • Learn basic phonics including consonant and vowel sounds, blends and one-two vowel words
  • Learn to read books in reading circle
  • Learn how to write letters Aa to Zz
  • Learn number concepts 1-20